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Registry Repair Software will keep you from wasting your time

By using registry repair software you will save your time waiting for your PC to work. They scan your system to find and fix errors in your Windows Registry which will help to improve the overall performance and make your computer run as fast as it did when it was new. 

A good registry cleaner  should scan for many different things.Common problems which are normally scanned for with any registry cleaner is ; Invalid User Settings, Recently Used Files, Invalid Class Keys, Uninstall Sections, Shared DLLs, Invalid Fonts .

Any of the top registry cleaner programs will repair most of the problems which will plague a PC so before purchasing make sure to check for an excellent customer service department with a well trained support staff which has live help personnel and also check too see that they have at least a couple of ways of contacting them should you ever have the need to.

Anti-Spyware will save your PC and keep it safe and secure

These days there are many different brands of anti-spyware programs available and if you use any paid version it will save your PC from crashing and keep it protected from looming threats as long as you know how to use them. 

Be sure you know what you need need to do by reading all of what the help menus inside each have to show you.

A good anti-spyware program receives many security updates per day in order to stay on top of any potential spyware and malware threats that may be looming on the internet or in e-mail messages.

If you set your scan preferences and follow all the recommendations and  instructions  provided you`ll be just fine.

Exactly what is a registry?

The registry is a main component of Window operating systems. The registry is a storehouse of files stored on your computer in several places and depending which version of Windows you`re running , there will be different files and different locations for these files.These files are a key component in making Windows operating systems work and keeping them in order for easier computer access which will speed thing up for users. Installing and uninstalling programs and downloading videos then deleting them will toss your registry into a frenzy, leading to decreased performance, slow PC, error messages, blue screens and crashes.
How often do I need to run a registry cleaner scan?

Running a registry scan once a week will normally suffice - if your system still has problems after your repair try using the defrag feature available with most programs or use the defrag feature inside Windows to straighten things out and get them running again.
Why is Purchasing a Registry Cleaner  Better Than Using the Free Version?

Free registry cleaners are good but only for the short term. They clean much of the same things however their scans are not as complete. Purchasing a good registry cleaner will give you complete scanning ability and accurate results . Extra features included with paid cleaners make things easier to manage and most of all they return everything back to normal completely ridding your system of crashes and problems with speed. Personally I wouldn`t be without one, you see,  I do a lot of downloading day to day and running scans once or twice a week (depending on how much I install and uninstall stuff ) keeps my computer running even when I get some pretty big problems like a virus that throws my pc into ruin until i run the spyware scan. I just run my anti-spyware scan and then my registry cleaner  scan and all is fixed .
Note : Registry Cleaners and anti-spyware programs work hand in hand keeping your computer safe, secure and running smoothly for years. 

Why Use a Registry Cleaner?

When your PC gets a virus installing and un-installing programs you would use a proficient anti-spyware program to rid yourself of it however, the files may have been altered and/or removed or maybe sometimes you re-installed your programs to make it run fine again, but inside the registry this can really cause havoc and if you have to reformat your PC you lose all your data . 

This is the worst case scenario but it isn't the only scenario because day-to-day computing activities alone will leave residual entries in the Windows Registry which - given time - presents a computer with conflicting commands and broken pathways referencing non-existent programs. 

The results from having this extra data in your PC`s registry can be slow performance, error messages, system crashes,  the dreaded blue screen of death or a myriad of other problems which a proficient registry cleaner can make quick work of.

Without repair, the computers performance will continue to get worse until it is finally repaired.

Fix Computer Slowdown
Even though computers have revolutionized the speed and accessibility of products and companies, computers aren't perfect. Computers always run fine out of the box but over time they tend slow down and when this happens many people just re-install Windows (reformat their hard drive) to solve their problems.

These people really don`t understand that the reason for this slowdown is the Windows Registry, this is where the computer receives all of it`s internal instructions.

Over time, the registry can start to slow down because of conflicting commands and redundant entries - making computers run slow or experience fatal errors which can be prevented by using any one of our trusted and effective Top Rated Registry Cleaners we have reviewed.
A mixed up registry is not always the problem, sometimes your PC may slow down because it does not have enough memory to do the job that you`re asking it to do.
If your computer`s hard drive is getting kind of full you could possibly find a slowdown in it`s performance as well .
In this case adding an extra hard drive and transferring data to the new hard drive  would free up some space and speed up your PC at the same time
Another thing you should check is your virtual memory and RAM  - because you may want to add more memory to your system as well,  just to speed things up. green logo name banner
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Opening Blocked Downloaded Programs Using Windows XP
Just a quick note. Lately there has been a change in the way you must open programs in Windows XP ( for browsers other than Google Chrome).

  When accessing downloaded programs or files you must do this first:

  1- right click on the program or file itself and then click on properties.

  2- click on 'unblock' then 'Apply'.

  3- Click 'OK'.

  4- Open program as you usually would.

I hope this helps you if your having this problem opening programs in Windows XP.

This may work on other Windows Operating System`s also but I found this out while using XP myself.
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