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If you`re looking to convert a gasoline car to run on electricity the Electricity4Gas guide has you covered. 

While performing our EV conversion guide reviews we noticed that the Electricity4Gas guide was actually created by environmental activist David Millward and it claims his guide can show you how you can make a  nice looking, high performing electric car that will go 50 MPH, and it will show you how you can do it for under $300.

The 40 page Electricity4Gas guide has easy to follow complete setup and step by step instructions along with clearly illustrated diagrams to show you how to do things the right way.  Even a beginner with no knowledge of cars can follow this manual, it really is a very easy to follow instruction manual with straight forward easy to understand diagrams included.

And when it`s time to charge your car all you`ll have to do is plug it in to a regular 3 pronged outlet .

Electric vehicles (EVs) normally have a range of approximately 100 miles although I`ve heard that the average electric car is able to travel anywhere from 90 miles to 120 miles on one charge.

The best thing about it all is that you can fully charge it up for only around one dollar. Gasoline prices just keep rising and getting 100 miles or so on one charge is a pretty long distance to travel for only a buck.

Figure out how how much gas really costs you . If your vehicle holds 20 gallons of gasoline and the price is currently at $4.00 a gallon and you drive a distance of 400 miles per tankful your cost per 100 miles would be $20.00.

Traveling 100 miles for a dollar using an electric vehicle is easily possible and therefor by using this criteria your savings would be close to $19.00 per 100 miles driven and close to $76.00 per tankful.

The Electricity4Gas guide can show you how you can simply do it for yourself and save on the conversion costs of your vehicle. Not only that but the  Electricity4Gas guide comes with many other DIY guides that accompany your purchase (FREE). 

  • Use this guide for making an electric car and you will qualify for tax rebates for driving a clean fuel vehicle. (this may change at any time and may not be available when you try to get your rebate : Be sure to check local and National policies for driving a clean fuel vehicle to see if you qualify)
  • How to Find Free Batteries for your Car.
  • Bonus (Book) Get Paid to Drive.
  • Bonus (Book) Hypermiling : How To Make Your Car Go Further with Less Gas.
  • Bonus (Book) How To Beat a Speeding Ticket.
  • Bonus (Book) How To Make Your Own Bio-Diesel.
  • Bonus (Book) Living Green : Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint.
  • Bonus (Book) No-Cost and Low-Cost Energy Saving Tips for your Home.

Other benefits when you Convert a Gas Car to Run on Electricity
  • Save on transportation costs - Completely eliminate your gas bills for good.
  • Save on repair costs.
  • Reduce pollution in your area.
  • Make it a family project and bring the family together for some fun.
  • Reduce the amount of oil being imported from oil rich nations and / or reduce the amount of money the big oil companies try to earn from you.
  • Become a leader by example and enjoy the pride you feel from doing it all yourself.
Watch a race between an electric car and a F3 race car and hear what Tom Hanks thinks about electric cars in the videos on the right side of this page.→

An electric car can help you make ends meet these days with the prices for everything rising steadily, so the best thing to do is get the manual and give it a try. 
If you`re not satisfied with it or if it`s just not what you expected it to be just return it for a full 100% refund prior to 60 days after purchase.  

When you think about it - how much money do you spend on gas these days? and what about in the future?

What if the price went up again? ...  You know it will.
If you now spend just $50 a week on gasoline at $4 a gallon to run your car and you get approx. 25 miles per gallon, in a year your spending $2600 and you`re travelling a total distance of 16,250 miles.

Run on electricity for the same distance and you`ll only pay between $160 and $400 depending on the size of your vehicle, quite the difference don`t you think?  

Scroll down and get started, build your electric vehicle now with Electricity4Gas, they can provide complete plans for building an electric car so you can easily do it for yourself and it comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee. Purchasing and returns are processed through Clickbank - The #1 trusted online digital products retailer.

Visit Electricity4Gas for more information here- Convert a Car to Electricity
By Mark Demers

Independent Review of Electricity4Gas Car Conversion Guide

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Tom Hanks is an actor ; Here he describes his experiences with his electric car.
Tom Hanks`s interview with driver-x who describes his experiences with an electric car.
Danny DeVito asks the big question.
Disclaimer : The above 3 videos are not a representation of Electricity4Gas or Gas2Electric products and are only their reviews of their own experiences when driving an electric car.
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