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Free TV Online 2012 Toolbar

Electric-reviews.org 2012 Free Online TV Toolbar

Download the 2012 edition of our Free TV Online Community Toolbar - it`s streamlined to speed loading and has been checked to have the best possible Free TV and convenience apps included.

Some apps have been dropped to speed up this edition of our toolbar and those of you who are upgrading should keep in mind that you can still retrieve the same apps you`ve grown accustomed to or maybe find and try out some new ones by clicking the + icon at the far right side of the toolbar.  Picture with apps explanations provided below.

Multi-language Interface - To change the toolbar language, in the toolbar Control Panel, click on the "Settings" tab -> Click on "Toolbar Appearance" and "Edit" -> Select the language of your choice.

Read about all the features and power of this toolbar below.
Newest Edition

Previous Editions


If you`re having problems getting the toolbar to work properly, just download it again and this should update it and solve your problems.

If this solution does not work please contact
→ Mark@Electric-reviews.org

I will do my best to help.

Electric-Reviews.org 2012 Free Online TV Toolbar : Apps List Overview

1 - Electric-Reviews.org - Click to access our Homepage.

2 - Toolbar Options - Drop down list with various customizable settings.

3 - Search Window - Enter terms to search. Use the arrow to find the terms which have been searched for previously. This saves time typing search terms over again.

4 - Activate Google or Bing Search Function - Search for terms entered in search window.  In an effort to optimize the experience for each and every user, different search providers are offered for different markets. Users living outside the US and Canada will get search results from Google, while users within the US and Canada will receive search results from Bing.

5 - Similar Sites Button - Find similar sites to the one you`re looking at.

6 - Horoscopes - Get your horoscope daily.

7 - TV Guide - Search TV Guide for your favorite show.

8 - Every Live TV Sport - Watch any game you like - Hockey, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Basketball and any other major professional sports games as well. Follow the link given and look at the top of the page that pops up to access these games and other shows too.

To access the live sports sections follow these directions :

Step 1 - Download and install toolbar
Step 2 - Click one of these icons(#8 or #9 as shown above) on the toolbar - The one with the soccer ball or the one just to the right of the soccer ball. These instructions are for #8
Step 3 - Look for this sentence " Please update your IFrame Widget " (it should be right there-very easy to find) and click the link directly below it -  it will then load another page.
Step 4 - Look at the very top of this page to find the bar shown here just below ↓- take your pick of the all the different sports.

Step 5 - Choose a game by clicking on it and then click one of the many links provided for each game. Choose the one that`s best for you (some streams are HD most are not). Plug-ins that may be needed if you don`t have them installed already ; Flash Player, Veetle Broadcaster Plugin - (These are the official sites to download from- they are both very safe and secure).
More plugins may be needed for sports other than hockey.

9 - Links to Any Live Sports - This is a redundant app and is basically the same as #8.

10 - You Tube in 3D - A revolutionary way to watch You Tube videos.

11 - You Tube Videos - Watch videos in categories such as : Most Viewed , Top Rated and Recently Featured.

12 - V2 - Full Hollywood Movies - Watch or download free movies.

13 - Hell TV - Select a High Definition movie to watch - Veetle player plug-in needed and offered - no need to search for it.

14 - TV Mondial - Many various tv channels

15 - Satellite TV for PC - Download and watch Satellite TV for PC Free ( Uninstall instructions provided on download page) .

16 - Hulu TV - Watch TV shows and movies anytime you want.

17 - TV Web 360 - Watch various tv channels from around the world.

18 - Cooking TV - Learn how to cook just about anything with the many great recipes provided on videos here.

19 - World News Videos - Watch news videos from Reuters, Newsy, CBC.ca and more.

20 - TV Webi Gadget - Get various tv channels.

Notice to Users - Please report apps which do not perform well and they will be fixed , removed or replaced.
                         - Apps may be subject to change at anytime without notice for this reason .

The Best Thing About This Toolbar Is It can be Totally Customized to suit your needs

Click the "+" icon on the far right end and you can search through any of 17,000 +  ready made apps that you can add to your toolbar for a even more customized experience.

By - Mark Demers

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Having trouble connecting your PC to your TV?

Watch this video →How to connect my PC to a TV.

All types and variety of hook ups are covered in this very informative video.

Toolbar Removal Instructions
Google`s Chrome Browser

- Click the "wrench" icon in the top right corner -> Next - Click Options -> 

Then click "extensions" -> Select "FreeTVonPC2012" -> Click "Remove".

Enabling and disabling of the toolbar may be accomplished here as well.

To hide the toolbar , in your browser click the TV icon -->Hide Toolbar

Toolbar Removal Instructions :
Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer

-Click "Start" -> Click "Control Panel"

-> Next click "Add Remove Programs"

-> Find the toolbar named

"FreeTVonPC2012" and click "Remove"

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