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RegTool Screen Shots and Scanning Capabilities Review
1 to 3 PC`s

1 Year   -$34.95
3 Years -$44.90
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RegTOOL Scan and Clean - miniaturized RegTool Registry Cleaner options - miniaturized RegTOOL Evidence Cleaner Advanced Shred-miniaturized RegTOOL Evidence Cleaner Choose Options - miniaturized RegTOOL  Junk Cleaner Reduced - miniaturized
              ↓ ------------------------------------------------------ Registry Cleaner ---------------------------------------------- ↓
                                                                  ↓Registry Scan↓     ↓Registry Scan↓          ↓Overall
Scan↓    ↓Privacy Scan↓
↓ 1-Click Scan↓       ↓ Options (Start)  ↓      ↓In Progress↓            ↓Results ↓                ↓ Results↓            ↓Results↓

                  ↓ ---------------------------------------  Evidence Cleaner ----------------------------------------- ↓      
  ↓ (Start scan) ↓          ↓Scan in Progress↓         ↓Results ↓                ↓ Exclude ↓          ↓Advanced Shred↓

RegTOOL registry cleaner -Evidence cleaner results - miniaturized RegTOOL Registry Cleaner - Backups Reduced
                                                 ↓ ---------------------------------- Backups --------------------------------- ↓
↓ Junk Cleaner ↓          ↓Main Interface↓           ↓Full Backup↓       ↓Registry Backup↓    ↓Optimizations↓
↓ Restore Point ↓
 ↓Windows Optimizer↓       ↓PC Optimizer↓     ↓Optimize Internet↓    ↓Error Repair↓
RegTOOL regsitry cleaner - Windows Optimizer mini RegTOOL registry cleaner - PC Optimizer select options mini
               ↓ -----Active-x -------↓
     ↓ Re-register ↓          ↓ Block Bad↓        ↓Tweak Memory ↓  ↓Smart Disc Defrag↓   
                 ↓-----------------------------Program Manager-------------------------------↓
  ↓Main Interface↓     ↓Start up Manager↓       ↓Restore List↓      ↓Uninstall Manager↓
             ↓ ------------------------IE Tools ----------------------↓  
   ↓Main Interface↓         ↓BHO Manager↓       ↓ IE Restore ↓
RegTOOL Registry Cleaner - Optimize Internet mini RegTOOL registry cleaner - Restore Point mini RegTOOL regsitry cleaner - optimize error repair mini
  1. RegTOOL Box .(only in movie)
  2. This video brought to you by ...(only in movie)
  3. Main Scan and Clean - Options Interface - 1 Click Scan : This is where you choose which cleaning programs to run. Here RegTOOL also displays your computers health status.Simply choose which scans to run and click Start Scan OR take advantage of the 1-click scan and let RegTOOL do all the work for you. (Note: be very careful using this feature - it may change the way you interact with your PC)
  4. Registry Cleaner- Options Menu - Start Scan : This is where you choose which options to run in your registry cleaner part of the scan .Your computers health is also displayed on this screen. To use - choose your preferences and start scan.
  5. Registry Scan : In Progress.
  6. Registry Scan : Results
  7. Overall Scan : Results
  8. Privacy Scan : Results
  9. Evidence Cleaner Options Menu - Start Scan : This menu is for choosing which options to run when you run the evidence cleaner scan along with any other scans or separately.To use - check off your choices and click start Scan.
  10. Evidence Cleaner : Scan in progress.
  11. Evidence Cleaner - Results : This will show you the results of your choices prior to shredding . Click clean button to remove files .
  12. Evidence Cleaner - Exclude : Choose which parts of your system you wish to exclude from the privacy scan.
  13. Evidence Cleaner - Advanced Shred : Shredding a file makes a file unrecoverable . This will allow you to choose which files to shred . Use the add or remove buttons to select which files to shred , choose the level of file-overwriting and click remove . 
  14. Junk Cleaner : This is where you can go through all the files on you system and delete them for privacy and to save space on your PC when you are nearing capacity and need room for defragmenting your hard drive or for other things.. To use click next then choose which programs to clean out and then click Next again then just choose which way to remove them-very simple.
  15. Backups - Main Interface : Here RegTOOL will give you access to the Registry Backup and the Restore Point applications . Which are explained below. Simply click to choose which to access.
  16. Backups - Full Backup : Backup your system in full here.
  17. Backups - Registry Backup : Here RegTOOL gives you the power to create a backup to your Registry .You can also restore your systems registry here by choosing a past log file back at a time your system ran to your satisfaction. You can also delete any previous registry logs here also. To use - make a backup by clicking backup. To Restore choose from lists of backups that are generated under each tab and click restore .
  18. Backups - Optimizations :
  19. Restore Point : Create a restore point .
  20. Windows Optimizer - Options Menu : Just click to access options for each part of the optimization process here.
  21. PC Optimizer - Options Menu : Here you can choose the Quick Optimizer for a quick optimization based on your PC and you can undo any changes by clicking the "reset" button.
  22. Optimize Internet : In this section you can optimize your PC for speed. To use -Set your bandwidth speed to co-inside with your internet speed for optimal performance and click start.
  23. Error Repair : This screen shows up after your scan from a tab at the top of the reporting screen letting you choose which repairs to make.To use - Choose and click Repair .
  24. Re-Register Active-x Screen : Re-registering objects in the registry can save you problems with Internet explorer and Windows Updates. It is recommended to do a full backup first before proceeding with this step.To use just click Re-Register.
  25. Block Bad Active-x : Use RegTOOL`s recommendations for suspicious or unwanted active-x components and block all generated results or choose which active-x components you which to block.
  26. Tweak Memory : Here you can view your memory usage and optimize the use of your memory .To use just click Optimize.
  27. Smart Disk Defrag : When installing and uninstalling programs your hard drive is left with gaps that make it hard for a computer to find their way through. Defragmenting your computer will group the empty gaps together thus making for a quicker PC experience for you. Just select target disk (which hard drive) and click defrag.
  28. Program Manager : Access the Start up Manager and Uninstall Manager tools from this menu. 
  29. Start up Manager : RegTOOL gives you the option to allow you to choose which programs you want running on your computer at start up. Select which programs or let RegTool do the recommendations and then click "run selected" or "remove selected".
  30. Start up Manager - Restore List : Select an item in the list and click corresponding action button to enable, disable or remove a program.
  31. Uninstall Manager : Here you can completely uninstall applications from your PC or remove a program entry from the list. Hit refresh to refresh the current list. The restore list option lets you restore your applications.To use just choose which app. to uninstall and click Uninstall or Remove. Refresh button is used to refresh the list.
  32. Uninstall Manager - Restore List : This tool lets you completely uninstall an application. Choose a program entry from the generated list and click remove.
  33. IE Tools - Main Interface : This feature gives you access to the BHO Manager and the IE Restore tools which I explain just below. To use just click on which one you would like to access.
  34. IE Tools - BHO Manager : Here is where you will see the display of a list of plugins installed on your PC and offers you a quick way of disabling them for quicker surfing on the internet. To use just choose which plugins to remove or restore by checking or un-checking and then click Remove or Restore.
  35. IE Tools - IE Restore : Return your Internet Explorer settings back to their default settings or choose from a list of settings you would like to recover or reset . This comes in handy if your IE has any issues that need resolving. To use just put a check in the box beside any setting you wish to restore and click Restore.
  36. Compatible with ...(only in movie)
  37. RegTOOL Box (only in movie)
  38. This video brought to you by...(only in movie)
RegTOOL Block Bad Active-x mini RegTOOL Re-register Active-x mini RegTOOL Smart Disc Defrag mini RegTOOL Tweak Memory mini RegTOOL program manager mini RegTool Start up Manager mini RegTOOL Uninstall Manager mini
RegTOOL Offers

High-performance scanning
Junk File Cleaner
Evidence Cleaner (New!)
System Optimizer (New!)
Internet Optimizer (New!)
Smart Defragmentation (New!)
IE Manage and Restore
BHO Manager
Automatic or Manual Error Removal
Full Registry Backup
Set Restore Points
Active-X Blocker
Error Rectification
Add/Remove Program Manager
Re-Register Active-X Objects
Program Shortcuts
Check Invalid User Settings
Check Invalid System Settings
Check Invalid Application Paths
Check Recently Used Files
Check Invalid Class Keys
Validate Active-X, OLE & COM Objects
Check Uninstall Sections
Check Invalid Fonts
Check Shared DLLs
Validate Startup Programs
Check Invalid Shortcuts
Check Invalid File Associations
Check Invalid Start Menu Items
Check Recently Used Files
Delete Empty Registry Keys
Checks System Services
Organize Windows Startup Items
Memory Tweak
Load Windows Faster
Run Applications Smoothly
Regain Disk Space
Protect your Privacy
Unlimited Free Technical Support
Automatic Updates
Prevent the following problems from occurring on your system

PC System Crashes
Slow PC Performance
Hardware Malfunctions
Blue Screens
Corrupted Registry Files
Problems with Computer & Application Shutdown
RegTOOL - IE Tools mini RegTOOL BHO Manager mini RegTOOL - IE Tools - IE Restore

RegTOOL Screen Shots with Movie

When working with any Registry Cleanersbe sure to take the time and become familiar with all the tools and their uses for a better user experience.RegTOOL registry cleaner combines an efficient high performance scanning ability which incorporate the many features below. Performing section scans are possible as well as a full system scan which uses all available features at once.

Once activated RegTOOLpins itself to the start menu of your PC to continue protection against all potential future errors which may arise.

Click on each individual screen below to enlarge and then click left arrow on your browser to return to this page. Explanations for each are provided below the video.

RegTOOL : Scanning Capabilities

RegTOOL is a full encompassing program which has many features available that you can use on a weekly basis to keep your systems registry in top condition.

By going through each section and choosing exactly what you want to scan for RegTOOL can repair all the errors present in a registry with safety and efficiency and will easily help you to save time trying to do the repairs yourself.

Here`s a list of most of the things a RegTOOL scan can identify and repair...and with automatic updates this list keeps growing .

System Crashes, System Freezes, Slow Performance,Runtime Errors, Internet Explorer Errors & System32 Errors,Windows Installer Errors, Active-xErrors, Browser Plug-in Errors, Windows Startup Errors, Internet Explorer Errors,Media Player Errors, Driver Malfunctions, Registry Malfunctions, Problems with the Task Manager, hhctrl.ocx Errors, DLL Errors,Computer Shutdown Problems, Application Shutdown Problems,Errors with EXE files like lsass.exe and svchost.exe, Scripting and Javascript Problems, Windows Operating System Problems,Chkdsk Errors, Problems with the Scan Disk, Problems with Internet Explorer, Corrupted Registry Files,Dr. Watson Errors, Malfunctioning Hardware, Windows Versioning Problems,Windows Blue Screens.
Unimportant screens have been omitted from the movie and/or pictures above.  Explanations below are in sequence with the RegTOOL movie above.
 Start at # 3
to sink pictures on the left with the explanations below.
RegTOOL box with download now button Top Rated Registry Cleaners - product and features list side by side chart comparison review 260x151.jpg Read-Write user reviews RegTOOL Registry Scan Results RegTOOL Registry Scan in Progress RegTOOL Overall Scan Results RegTool Privacy Scan Results RegTOOL Evidence Cleaner Scan in Progress RegTOOL Evidence Cleaner Results RegTOOL Backups Optimizations RegTOOL Start up Manager Restore List
↓Program Manager↓
↓Uninstall Manager↓
  ↓Restore List↓
RegTool Program Manager Uninstall Manager Restore List RegTOOL Backups- Full Backup RegTOOL : Backups - Registry Backup
RegTOOL Screen Shots Video(movie) With Explanations
Free Performance Scan Available for Windows 98 / XP / ME / 2000 / Vista and 7
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