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Tips for Saving Energy

The snow is starting to pile up and that`s a good sign that Christmas is on the way. Christmas season now needs to be thought of as energy saving time instead of an energy wasting time for it is now we can save massive amounts of power and reduce or even eliminate the pollution being dumped into the environment daily .
  Christ`s birthday is a venerable day but now is the time to start trying to save power and cash at the same time.This eases the burden on the environment and our pocketbooks . I`ve brought together a few energy saving tips below and hopefully i covered a couple that you have never thought of implementing previously.

Tip #1- Turn off Christmas lights - Quit using energy to sustain the "pretty effect". Try unplugging your lights a few hours earlier each night and never leave them on all night . If only we all did this it could save tons of emissions being spewed into our planets atmosphere. Stop lighting up the whole street, that`s what street lights are for.

Tip #2- Use Fewer Bulbs on your Tree and on Your House - Christmas lighting uses massive amounts of energy ,this year use a couple less strings of lights on your tree, to compensate for the lost light tryt adding more tinsel to your tree, it will reflect more light thereby reducing the need for extra lighting.
Go one step further and eliminate a few strings of lights from outside your house too.

Tip #3 - Use High Efficient Lights - Start using the new energy efficient LED bulbs that are present on the new Christmas light string sold today. Finding strings that have flashers will cut energy consumption too and if you can`t find a flashing string of lights buy the separate flash converter and save some money for yourself.

Tip #4 - Use 
Timers and a Power Bar - Make sure you use a timer for your outdoor lights this will keep you from having to remember to shut them off when your too tired . Make sure you also use power bars everywhere, they will keep you from leaking energy (known as Phantom electricity) and running up your power bill for no reason and while using a power bar it will protect you from spikes of power damaging your electronics that come from your power delivery network or lightning strikes or for whatever reason ( you`re protected).

Tip #5-A - Use a Few Candles - This one can be done year round. Use candles where ever you can to light and help heat a room too, recycle the wax and make another candle yourself. Doing this can save you energy, heat and the trouble it takes to go and buy new candles

 Be Sure to Extinguish Candles Before Leaving a Room and Never Leave Candles Unattended". NEVER USE CANDLES TO LIGHT YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE IT`S NOT A GOOD IDEA . Be sure to place a plate beneath your candles and make sure it`s big enough so if a candle is to fall over all the hot wax that spills out and the wick and flame are captured in your dish and never use candles anywhere close to flammable materials such as curtains and furniture or carpet. Buy yourself some environmentally friendly candles , they are now available just about everywhere.

Tip #5-B - Instead of candles try using an oil lamp. They`ve been around for centuries and will provide natural light at a reduced cost.

Tip #6 - Hire a Kid To Help with Shoveling - Save energy and put away your snow blower this year, when it snows find a kid or someone in your neighborhood willing to do the work . The economy is still struggling and you must know somebody who`s in need of some extra money. Offer the snow shoveler dinner in exchange for the work they put in. This tip for saving energy will keep you from exhausting your personal energy , and that makes for a happier you.

Tip #7 - Purchase Goods On the World Wide Web - Get the perfect gift and save yourself the time of searching for that perfect gift . All the big retailers have places online to do this. You can find all kinds of different , never thought of items that will amaze you.

Tip # 8 - One of the best ways to save energy is to sit down and learn how you can create your own using solar panels. Purchase the #1 energy making guide that has clear and easily understandable instructions. and make it a Christmas holiday project . The one i recommend is the best i`ve seen, it has all the instructions all laid out with very simple instructions . Earth4Energy can show you how to build your solar panels and then install them with their handy DIY guide, there`s also a video series for extra understanding of the process.  Read our review -> Earth4Energy Review  . Get a dicount when purchasing by visiting our Earth4Energy Wind Power Review.

Tip # 9 - If you really want to save energy on gas , frustration and wear and tear on your vehicle looking for the perfect present maybe look into buying dinner for everyone you know instead, or try throwing a party but be sure to use car pools to bring everyone together. You can even try handing out gift cards for a store or even dinner on the town. You can always locate a nice restaurant with gift cards that are still available right up till Christmas Day . 

Tip #10 - Purchase Everything in the Same Place - Think about it and i bet you`ll agree that you can save gas, time, and piece of mind by buying all your presents in one place . I bet you can even think of more ways to save power and reduce your carbon footprint.

Tip #11 - Use Your Microwave oven - Using a microwave oven can save you up to 50% on electricity over using a conventional oven. Also , use your microwave to heat things such as
sauces, vegetables and gravies and you could also cook potatoes this way too. A microwave oven can be more economical and will save energy  which a conventional  oven and stove squanders. 

Tip #12 - Get Grinchy with it - If you`re really looking to save energy this season turn into a grinch and hide away , just be sure to let everyone know so they don`t have to buy you gifts and people will understand.

P.S. - Remember working together we can all do our part to keep the world on a path to recovery while saving money all along the way. The world would be cleaner and everyone would breath much easier if we all use less electricity, and,
maybe cancer rates could finally decrease for once.

i`m urging everybody to do their part and think of as many ways you can save energy at Christmas time and all year long to help stop this problem in its tracks.

By - Mark Demers

Saving energy can be trying at times and a few good suggestions may help people cope with high energy bills they`re experiencing .There are many good ways to save electricity but the best way is to know where your power is mainly being used on a day to day basis and try to cut back in that area or to just learn to create your own energy solar power or wind power .
As I come across new tips for saving energy - i will add them to this page. If you would like to contribute your tips i would be happy to include them as they are received just e-mail me i would be happy to hear from you. - (Submissions may be edited for spelling and grammar)
Write me -
  • The first thing to do is to start thinking of all the ways you use your electricity and ways you can reduce its use ( i.e.  use ceiling lights instead of lamps placed all over the room - this can reduce the amount of light needed to illuminate any room ). Be critical and brutally honest - Keep using only what you really need to use for you to be comfortable and so you still feel at home .
  • Because I own one I have to recommend riding an adult electric bicycle or tricycle for trips to the grocery store or for any short trips you need to make. This will save money on gas and keep you mobile with minimum expense .
  • Change all you light bulbs to the new energy saving compact fluorescent or better yet LED bulbs . LED bulbs are not hazardous like compact fluorescent`s are if they break. CFL`s have mercury and need to be cleaned up a certain way . (US:EPA instructions for  -Cleaning Up a Broken CFL) . Using either of these bulbs can save you 30-50% on your lighting bill.
  • Electrical powered products all use energy just keeping them plugged in ,unplugging your appliances when not in use saves any power those appliances may be using . (Toasters for instance.) Locate your power bars in easily accessible places and shut the power bars off when not in use  - for electrical appliances be sure to unplug them when not in use  (doing these two suggestions will stops any "phantom electricity" from being drawn for no good reason)
  • Take shorter showers - just taking a 1-2 minutes off your shower time will save you about 500 litres a month in water and much of that is hot water, also attaching a stop water flow just before your shower head / sprayer will save on heated water being used when your lathering up in the shower. Heating water can be a real drain on gas or electricity so keep these 2 things in mind. You can purchase a stop water flow attachment at any good hardware or plumbing store.
  • Wrap the hot water pipes in your home with foam pipe wrap. This keeps your pipes warm between uses and in turn your water does not have to heat the pipe first before giving you hot water and also be sure to wrap your hot water heater with an insulation blanket ( check your hot water heaters manual for compatibility) that way the water inside stays hot and and you will be saving energy by using less energy keeping  the water in your tank hot.
  • Turn down how hot you keep the water in your hot water heater too .Only keep the water as hot as you need it and not hot enough to scald you.
  • Use Energy*Star appliances in your home to make sure you use your electrical appliances efficiently.
  • Purchase a  hi-efficiency dishwasher and only use it when you have a full load and use the power saver mode when you do. Avoid the pre-rinse cycle, most dishwashers do not really need this feature because they are now powerful enough not to and opt for the air dry method or the good old hand drying towel.
  • Wash clothes in cold water (cold water cleans just as well as hot water and will save energy heating the water - use cold water detergents for your laundry and if possible find one that`s biodegradable and environmentally friendly.Wash only full loads and keep in mind that when drying your clothes they don`t have to be in the dryer for the full 45 minutes to an hour .Hang them up and when they`re dry pop them into your dryer for 15 minutes to get rid of wrinkles and activate your fabric softener. Don`t forget you can always hand wash your clothes too , especially if they`re not that dirty .
  • In the summer when running your central air conditioning system keep it at 78F degrees or higher or maybe start spending some time in your basement and put up a window air conditioner and only cool this part of your house (basements are easier to cool and to keep cool) .Be sure to only use your air conditioners when you really need to and use them sparingly if at all possible.
  • Keep your heating system at 68F degrees in the winter and colder if you can handle it . (Figure savings at about $10 per degree that you lower the thermostat per month - this depends on your heating system also) . At night you can lower the temperature 2-3 more degrees- just add a extra blanket on your bed to stay warm.
  • Purchase energy star rated windows for your home to reduce heat loss or purchase a home window insulation kit and seal up your windows extra tight and if these are too expensive just be sure to keep your curtains drawn to help keep the heat inside your house by creating another barrier for the cold to cross before entering your house just leave your curtains open a little bit just to let in some light during the day.
  • Have your homes outside  block walls insulated - - read what the Canadian Gov. recommends about this - Insulating Walls
  • Some people can overdo it a little when shutting off their lights to save energy . When leaving a room to which you will be returning to very shortly do not keep shutting the lights every time you leave the room . You see when you turn the lights back on there is a spike in your electricity use, so leaving your lights on in this case would save you money. (the same would go for anything that works on electricity).
  • Make sure your house`s attic is insulated properly and filling any cracks or holes in your foundation will all save you energy as well and don`t forget to use caulking around your windows and door  frames . Installing weatherstripping around windows and doors and even inside your outside walls electrical receptacles you can put a piece of faceplate insulation.
  • If you have a crawl space under your house make sure it is insulated and place a radiant heat barrier shield under your house to prevent heat loss from what is known as emission. If you do this it will do a much better job keeping the heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter than using insulation alone.  Adding a radiant heat barrier can be applied to your whole house and does not deteriorate like insulation will over time .
  • If you still have an electric wall clock maybe you should buy a new one that works on batteries (2 batteries will easily last over a year in a clock these days) .
  • Consider what alternative energies can accomplish -Creating your own solar power using solar panels and wind power using a wind turbine generators are among the most popular options these days to save energy by creating your own electrical energy to use . Think of converting some of your energy consumption to renewable green energy Gas2Electric  which will convert your car to run on electricity . Build yourself a solar panel to charge a battery you can then use to power some lights in your house or maybe even think of converting your whole house with Earth4Energy - all of these guides i mention are perfect for teaching you how to confidently accomplish these tasks and all come with simplified detailed instructions for doing it all yourself . Click this link to be directed to our index of DIY Green Product Reviews.
  • There are more tips below , Read - "Christmas Season Needs to be the Time to Start Saving Energy" but most of all - If you`re not using something electrical , don`t just shut it off - unplug it - this goes for everything.
For More Tips watch this informative video → Energy Saving Tips Video
Have a Great Day !
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Build a solar power orwind power generating system and use a "Grid Tie Inverter" to pump your extra energy back in to the grid and save money .

<<==Watch this video,  it`s very informative and can be very helpful when you decide to use solar power or wind power to run your household power needs.

Always check local laws governing (buy back) meters and acceptable practices in your area prior to doing anything with your power system .
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Tips for Saving Energy Around the Home

Christmas Season Needs to be the Time to Start Saving Energy

Video : Grid Tie Inverter for Solar Power
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